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TrioMed Vital - MMW-therapy

TrioMed Vital - MMW-therapy

Triomed Vital - is a portable therapeutic device, which you can easily carry with you in your pocket, for the treatment and prevention (prophylaxis) of various pathological conditions by the action of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency EHF or so-called millimeter wave (MMW) and infrared (IR) spectrum in certain areas of the human body.
Introduction of MMW-therapy in the complex treatment of many health problems makes it possible to expedite the processing, to reduce the drug release and to enhance its function, reduce the severity of side effects, achieve positive clinical outcomes of drug-resistant patients.
The apparatus can be used to enhance the body's health resources.
MMW and infrared therapy's effects are manifested clinically in the anti-inflammatory and activates its own healing processes, analgesic and anti-oedematous action, improvement of tissue regeneration, improvement of blood circulation, anti-stress, normalization of the autonomic nervous system regulation.

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